Half-elf Fighter


A slender and rather tall looking mostly human girl save for her ears and deep blue eyes that almost shine . She is surprisingly strong for her looks which many unfortunate bullies learned the hard way. Blunt and lacking in most social manners that strength has gotten her out of much trouble.


Chi’aegris the half-elf Fighter and travelling armorer.

Most just call her Chi or Ris, she doesn’t care.

She does not know much of the circumstances that led to her birth though she knows the bite of rejection from her elf-kin. While growing up mostly surrounded by elfs she knew she was never accepted and left wandering the wilds. A tribe of humans took her in whens he demonstrated her raw physical strength and urge for survival battling a ferocious beast. Their customs and coming of age rituals left her battered but stronger for when she finally left on her own to begin adventuring. Traveling around she got an apprenticeship under a dwarven armorer and fighter from the society. From him she learned much including the greatness of Gorum and has taken to following his teachings.


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