Adventures in the Lost lands

"Our Heroes" or "Who was that crazy biatch?"
Session 2
Our adventures having spent the long day traveling in the hot sun saw the welcome sight of Roskos Penprie Forest Inn just up ahead but something strange was happening out front a red headed dwarf was holding someone at gunpoint right out side the inn. Upon further inspection the party discovered it was Captain of the Guard, Bragger Bondhome from Endhome questioning a possible bandit. The bandit was later released due to lack of eveidence. But Bragger told the party that the city of Endhome was offering a 500gp reward for evidence and the capture of the bandits. The bandits will hang if caught with evidence.

The party then sat down to lots of ale and a great meal of mutton courtesy of their employer Thagen. While dining they witnessed a beautiful young lady beaing harrased by an older man. The party intervened and discovered the woman had a gift for predictions and some sort of odd clairvoyency. She told the party of having visions of her missing husband still being alive and that the party would be the ones to find him. Her heroes.

The next day the party set out for Endhome and encountered 2 giant bees the size of dogs. The skill of the party in combat quickly dispatched the bees.

After spending the full day traveling the party reached the city of Endhome a busting mecca of trade. Thagen showed them around a bit and lead them to the bazzar where they would deliver his goods and complete their escort job with him.

Upon arriving they found out from Albein Kilkarin that his son Charlie Kilkarian the man who they were to deliver the goods had gone missing and no one had seen him for two weeks. He was last seen staggering around drunk in the warehouse district and one of the local guards Nolan Banks later heard what sounded like Charlie crying out for help from the sewers. Upon inspection he found no trace of him.

The party then bought and sold some items and made some great deals with clever diplomacy.

NPC’s of interest

Bragger Bondhome- captain of the guard in the City of Endhome

Penelope Barmy- the lady with visions who asked to rescue her missing husband from the Loct City in the caves

Fenton Barmy as sorcerer who was adventuring in the Lost city of Barakus when he dissapeared. Penelope’s husband

Rosko Talk- Owner of two Inns, one of which the party spent the night at.

Albein Kilkarin father of the missing Charlie Kilkarin.

Nolan Banks the city guard who last saw Charlie and thought he heard him crying for help from the sewers.

Possible places of Interest

Penprie Forest- Possible location of the bandits-

The sewers of Endhome- looking for clues to the whereabouts of Charlie Kilkarin.

The sea caves- Just east of Rosko’s Penprie Forest Inn

The guard barracks in Endhome- clues for the missing Charlie Kilkarin and home of Nolan Banks

Half the fun is getting there!
Session 1
The party had taken an escort job to help a merchant get his wares to the bustling trade city of Endhome. The merchant Thagen thought that perhaps taking Fools Pass would be a great short cut and take days off the trip. It wasn’t long into the trip that the party came upon a few hobgoblins who had waylaid a traveling merchant brewer who was delivering his casks of ale to Rosko’s Inn on the outskirts of Endhome. The party quickly dispatched the Hobgoblins and rescued the Dwarven merchant whose name was Thron Brewerman. His ale was safe and as a reward he gave to the party a treasure map that seemed to lead to one of the many caves in the Duskmoon Hills.

After chatting a bit with their new friend the party continued on Fools Pass till they arrived at a suitable location to set camp and rest for the night. Along the way the party took note of a 60 ft tower south of Fools Pass which Thagen informed them that the tower was a mystery, with no known entrance or exit, windows or doors. the party also found what appeared to have once been a a pair of solid wooden doors covering the entrance to a cave in the Duskmoon Hills. The doors now lay broken and hanging. tattered Orc banners were strewn along the path. When they questioned Thagen he said he thought that the orcs had once established a colony in lost and forgotten city beneath the ground. The Lost City of Barakus.

After making camp the night sky soon became alive with the sound of huge wings approaching as a dire bat swooped in attacking the party. With quick thinking and some mighty blows the dire bat was soon laid to rest. In the morning Thron headed out on his own and bid the party farewell.

After breaking camp the party continued eastward till they came to a fork in the road with a large tower nearly 80 ft tall and 40 ft wide beside it. The tower seemed inviting and the party knocked on the door. A human male answered and introduced himself as the alchemist Jimmy Dean. The party inquired about potions and items for sale and ended up making a deal to investigate a ruined tower to the south called Quarrions Tower in exchanged for two powerful healing potions.

The party then continued south and eventually arrived at Rosko’s Inn only to find a half elf in leather armor being held at gunpoint by three men outside the inn.

Notable NPC’s:

Thagen: The merchant who hired the PC’s

Thron Breweman: The dwarf brewer the party rescued and gave the treasure map to.

Charlie Kilkarin: The merchant that Thagen is making the delivery too in Endhome.

Jimmy Dean: the alchemist who entrusted the party with 800 gp of potions in exchange or info from Quarrions Tower.

Places of possible intrest:

Endhome: The bustling trade city the PC’s are hired to escort Thagen to.

The mysterious tower: located south of Fools Pass on the edge of the Penprie Forest.

The caves in the Duskmoon Hills: Located north of Fools Pass may be the location noted in the treasure map and possibly the location of the legendary Lost City of Barakus

Quarrions Tower The place the party agreed to investigate and gather info or items for Jimmy Dean